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Did you say FREE?

Yes that's right - free of charge and ANONYMOUS. No longer will you have to pay extortionate hourly, daily or monthly fees to access the Internet when out and about. Whether it's a cafe, restaurant, doctors office, shopping mall or tire depot, if they have a dSpot then you will get completely free Internet access.

What's the catch?

There's no catch - the only difference with our Free Wireless Hotspots is that you will see ads from local businesses appearing on your screen every few minutes. These will be relevant to the location where you are accessing the Hotspot and comprise of coupons and money saving offers. We try to make them unobtrusive and also of interest to you - that's all - and you get unrestricted and completely free WiFi Internet access.

Where are they?

dSpots are starting to appear all around the country - we started in Lake Havasu, Arizona with almost 100 free WiFi locations and have operational networks in Ojai, California and Jackson, Wyoming. We also have fledgling networks in Utah, Washington, Texas and Florida in partnership with local Independent Publishers and we are about to launch an exciting new network across Hawaii.

A unique Advertising opportunity

Since 2004, dSpot has been creating leading edge technologies to increase the ability of Advertisers to focus their advertising spend towards customers who are likely to be interested in their products and services. This 'Holy Grail' has been virtually unobtainable through other online media, resluting in customers seeing ads that are of no interest to them whatsoever and the advertiser seeing extremely low click-thru rates and ROIs - wasted time and money.
The dSpot technology solves this problem by allowing advertisers to get in front of interested customers, using a combination of 'targeting techniques'.

We know the physical location of our customers - which WiFI hotspot they are accessing.
Temporal (Time) Targeting
Need to advertise only between 10am and 12 noon for the lunch crowd - no problem, dSpot can accomodate time based ad slots.
Behavioral Targeting
We can focus ads to customers who have browsed similar sites to yours recently - as we are an anonymous service we do not capture any personally identifiable information but we do track web sites and search keywords used.
URL/Domain Targeting
Want to display your ad when a specific web site is being viewed? No problem for dSpot as we can display ads when specific URLs or Domains are being viewed.

So whatever you advertising needs are, in pays to talk to dSpot and leverage our growing network of WiFi hotspots.

Stop the ad interruptions - install our Toolbar

Download the Toolbar here
In order to get uninterrupted web browsing you need to install and run the toolbar. Click here to download and install it.

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